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G-cube believes in enriching customer’s experience by providing quality and timely delivery of solutions to gain brand patronage. It is crucial to understand customer experience and satisfaction levels to improve performance and provide better results. G-cube deals with customer-centric issues and provides the visibility and resolution essential to explore opportunities.

The ability to delight customers at their moment of truth helps organizations create more referrals and promoters for the brand, which in turn creates goodwill and monetary benefits in the long run. On the other hand, it also provides the brand the ability to identify potential negative sentiment and use it as an opportunity to take corrective steps, which otherwise could result in a loss of a valuable relationship and deplete business value.

G-cube’s customer experience management follows a 3 step model:

Customer Response Management – Listening to customers through the voluntary feedback available across brand communication channels , monitoring conversations through social media channels and engaging customers to share product related experience immediately after their interaction forms the basis of managing customer response. G-cube plays a key role in gathering consistent information from customers through multiple communication channels that benefits the brand. It further broadens perspective and helps in ensuring deliverables to meet customer’s expectations.

In depth analysis – An in-depth analysis is essential to understand the customer’s requirement. After receiving information through various channels about the product changes, G-cube conducts an analysis on the current trend and competitor status .It supports establishing strong customer relationship by providing the right deliverables.

Develop action plan – Developing action plans enables businesses to align product strategies with value. As Customers are essential to drive effective improvements based on their level of interest and eagerness towards a product, G-cube utilizes best solutions to bridge the gap between the business and the customer.

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