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Customer Retention helps you identify‚ analyze and increase customers spend and loyality towards the brand. G-cube engages with customers on a regular basis by developing long term relationships. Customer retention depends on quality and value based services provided to gain customer satisfaction.

G-cube provides customer attraction and engagement activities that generate ‘Customer Loyalty’.

Customer Retention principle is based on four-tier model:

1. Customer Attraction
2. Customer Engagement
3. Customer Analysis
4. Customer Retention

Customer retention activity constantly engages customers in buying products and services using various promotional campaigns. Hence, providing appropriate product information, ensuring smooth delivery process and well-organized customer relationship management plays an important role in achieving positive results. G-cube strictly follows Customer Retention and strategy in driving business growth.

Methodologies through the following stages:

1. Customer Segmentation (Tracking Recency of Visit, Frequency of Purchase , Monetary Value Spent, demographic and psychographic parameters)
2. Making Customized Offers
3. Customer Engagement
4. Customer Follow Up Tracking & Reporting.

All of the above is driven by gaining customer intelligence through the use of sophisticated business analytical tools for decision making.

About Us

Customer retention is achieved through product purchase and has a huge impact in creating greater profits. G-cube enables a business to develop on a long term relationship and it ensures timely revenue generation with rising profit. Quality products and quick response to queries reduces customer’s problems to a higher extent and helps to amass faith in one’s business. A customer who is educated about services in a timely manner usually comes back. It is a prime reason for the growth of a business. G-cube strives in achieving higher Customer Retention by providing ways to gain customer trust.

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