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G-cube is proud to launch its Mirror TV solutions in the North American Continent. This is in an innovative concept in home and office automation which provides integration of functionality and creativity. This is an experiential concept with an inbuilt vow factor and strong aspirational appeal.

A TV when switched on, and a Mirror when switched off is what the concept works around. G-cubes creative display systems incorporate the latest technology to create innovative and eye catching display systems, while also achieving the customer's main objective of creating awareness around their product and brand.This solution has been very well received and successfully established in the Middle East market. G-cube strongly believes that there is great potential to explore in the Residential & Commercial segments within Canada & the United States and is confident that the solution will be well received.

Solution USP’s

  • A 360 degree turnkey solution in designing, constructing and installing Mirror TVs.Key partnerships with global players provides us the technical expertise to customize and execute solutions of high complexity in local and regional markets.
  • High quality products with a price advantage.
  • Maintenance free products with strong aesthetic appeal.
  • The solution could be integrated around existing TVs irrespective of brand and sizes. The customer is not compelled to purchase a new TV as we could integrate our solutions and create a unique display system to meet customer needs. All this within an affordable budget.
  • Has strong usage in Residential, Retail, Hospitality, Corporate segments.

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